Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Soul Screamers

seven books. two days. i regret every decision that has lead me to this point. welcome to the danger zone my chummies. ill never say that again ever I swear but it felt right in the moment. so basically it's the end of the cycle and im cramming grades and assignments when I stumble upon this series and this is one of those series that if you want any closure at all you have to read all seven books and because I'm obsessive I finished them in two days. again r e g r e t. thanks a lot Rachel Vincent now I'm failing spanish. ya know I do this every time I start talking only to realize y'all don't care so ill talk about the book. FIRST OF ALL. the character has the same name as me different spelling, lives really close to where I live, her best friend and my best friend go to the same college, she's described to look the same as me, and we like the same obscure ice cream flavor from ben and jerry's. COINCIDENCE. I THINK NOT.
I just found this (I passed my classes if anyone cares)and because I read this so long ago and don't really remember ill hit the highs and lows I do in short brief points
good stuff:
-good romance
-great characters
-nothing like I've ever read before in that the supernatural stuff is very original
-funny one lines
bad stuff:
-lots of filler writing (seven books could have been four)
-the author spelled kayleigh as Kaylee. incorrect.

that is all.