Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Soul Screamers

seven books. two days. i regret every decision that has lead me to this point. welcome to the danger zone my chummies. ill never say that again ever I swear but it felt right in the moment. so basically it's the end of the cycle and im cramming grades and assignments when I stumble upon this series and this is one of those series that if you want any closure at all you have to read all seven books and because I'm obsessive I finished them in two days. again r e g r e t. thanks a lot Rachel Vincent now I'm failing spanish. ya know I do this every time I start talking only to realize y'all don't care so ill talk about the book. FIRST OF ALL. the character has the same name as me different spelling, lives really close to where I live, her best friend and my best friend go to the same college, she's described to look the same as me, and we like the same obscure ice cream flavor from ben and jerry's. COINCIDENCE. I THINK NOT.
I just found this (I passed my classes if anyone cares)and because I read this so long ago and don't really remember ill hit the highs and lows I do in short brief points
good stuff:
-good romance
-great characters
-nothing like I've ever read before in that the supernatural stuff is very original
-funny one lines
bad stuff:
-lots of filler writing (seven books could have been four)
-the author spelled kayleigh as Kaylee. incorrect.

that is all.

Friday, November 3, 2017

YA organised list

Should I be paying attention in class? ya probably? am i gonna keep asking myself questions and answering them? eh ya. is my grammar going to get better because im writing in school and trying to reach a larger audience? no i told yall i just write and click publish i do zero editing and that wont be changing. anyways if im being completely truthful school has been kicking my butt and i havent really had time to read. cry for me. sad sad tears of a clown. ive been either writing essay, worksheets, labs and if i have five seconds i bury myself in wattpad because that requires zero commitment and its a fun place to get lost in. but because im bored and wanted to write but havent read anything i thought lets make a list. i dont really know but we are gonna list but it should probably be book related and YA related and amusing.

  1. begin with the number one because that's how lists start, make sure number one is interesting because you kind of set the mood for the rest of the list
  2. google playlists for books because there are people who match songs to parts of books and its like perfectly matched background music for that scene in the book, epic example the fight scene in the relentless novel got matched with jungle by x ambassadors. epic. as. shit. 
  3. go on goodreads and join fan clubs for your books/authors so you can remember there are other people with obsessions and you arent crazy. or at least youre not alone.
  4. make snacks based off the books youve read. if you that intense crazy book person go pintrest some "hunger games" snacks and eat them while reading
  5. watch the movies and compare them to the books, while some were great amazing close to the book the boys just as cute in real life (harry potter, the hunger games, etc.) some suck but and white wash the characters you know and love (maximum ride) then brag about how "the book was better" because the book is always better
  6. start a book blog
  7. read all my previous posts because you love me and then comment on them because you love me
  8. watch book trailers and hunt through recs and goodreads and start your to read list
  9. grow the to read list like its a small child or a plant in you practice celibacy. nurture the list. love the list. read the list. repeat. 
  10. JOIN A FANDOM. YOU WILL PROBABLY REGRET IT BUT AT THE SAME TIME GO FIND YOUR FAMILY. stay away from some of the shadowhunter fandoms some of those get super shady super fast. shadow. shady. that was not intended but I respect myself for it none the less. 
  11. go search amazon for literally any book merch you can find and start hording 
  12. find out what faction you would be in (I got erudite which i find super dumb because i find myslef super dumb. if i were to be in one tbh i think i would be in dauntless or amite because im a loving human who enjoys jumping off tall structures.)
  13. turn me in for being divergent