Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Darkest Star

have you ever gotten something completely out of the blue that you didn't even think to think of but desperately needed? like subconsciously? like a laser guided pizza cutter or a colonoscopy? kidding I feel like they schedule those. okay but really that was this book was everything I didn't know I needed and more. ladies and gentlefolk, jennifer has done it again. for those of you who have read the lux series (if you haven't get your life together asap) you know that it's completed and has been for a phat minute and since I live under a rock and jennifer has already done like two spinoff novels this one shocked me. like cattle fence that you grab thinking its a regular fence shocked. where did this come from? idk heaven not going to question the miracle. so the Darkest Star *deep inhale* HOLYSHITTHATWASLITERALLYLIKEHTEREVIVALTHATINEEDEDINORDERTOSURVIVE
so ya. it was amazing. this book was about Luc and Evie Dasher five years after the invasion and it was so magically delicious I cried several times. we get to see some of our favorite extraterrestrials *if you know you know* and this story is just amazing. again I didn't even think this was a possibility but here we are slack jawed as our queen jennifer pulls off yet ANOTHER masterpiece. shook after shook after shook. plot twist after plot twist after plot twist. FOLLOWED BY PLOT TWIST. I'm talking put down the book and stare at a wall trying to understand what just happen plot twist. I mean this book wrecked my heart in the best way. we all know JLA has a way with words and bish does it again, her dialogue is witty and amazing as per usually and her characters will become your best friends. which is a little depressing but thats a discussion for another time. this is one of the first books I have had time to read since summer vacation and it was so beautiful and the perfect book to yank me back into the world of fandoms and goodreads. I think more than anything what I loved about this book was it brought back my favorite universe, I thought it was over but theres clearly so much more going on. if you don't resinate just imagine if you favorite show stopped airing and some time later they randomly say "hey we are back to rock your world your welcome." so yes amazing characters, amazing plot, Evie is one of my favorite new characters (bad bish), and Luc is Luc which was just amazing. if you don't read and then want this book to have your babies then you probably don't like puppies and never believed in Santa.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

this was a it's a rant

its 1 am and im so tired but do y'all know whats more important than sleep? books. and photosynthesis so show your neighborhood plant some affection. I may or may not have just gotten my lesson plan for the science class I'm taking *shrieks in nerd*.
I was here to talk about lovely reckless but I think there are other things that need to be addressed. I've been doing a lot of reflecting recently, about my flaws and who I am blah blah blah. you can ask my boyfriend I am very bad at articulating and understanding my feelings. but I have found that when I read a book I see characters with flaws or messing crap up I can go "oh...hey...I do that". but here's the kicker. most of the posts on here in which I negatively reviewed a book, it was usually because the character was flawed. because the main girl was too needy or she had issues etc etc. now this isn't every book...some books just have crappy characters. but I think I have to work on differentiating between crappy and real. and thats a blurry line let me tell you.  so I'm gonna hush now but heres a standing ovation for some of the novels I have shit talked here. and heres a bigger round of applause for the authors who were able to make real people. ya I didn't like them for their flaws because you made them painfully relatable. you made them come to life. you made me realize that a perfect character doth not a perfect book make.
with this in mind
I'm going to go order several more books on the amazon prime, try to understand the characters as multifaceted beings whose flaws do not guarantee a bad book, take some allergy medicine, and finish the last movie in the twilight series. it's on amazon prime for free fyi ur welcome
thanks for reading