Monday, March 27, 2017


hellllooooo people of this universe and other universes (if you are reading this and classify your self as an extra terrestrial call me i need a cotillion date) finals are finally over!! infinite joy and happiness not to mention now i can actually get in the christmas spirit. thank God for glee christmas songs.  so after making it through finals (relatively) unscathed i decided to curl up in my room jam to my glee and plow through books i had been saving as an after finals treat! yay christmas! yay books! yay charlie brown! so on the first night of my freedom i snuggled up with colleen hoover's Hopeless. i guess we are gonna go ahead and get started. after you. no really go ahead. okay if you insist. Hopeless follows our main character Sky -crap my friends are here i'll be back tomorrow to finish this- *one day later*
wow when i said one day later and its march 27th. bitch you thought. um so where were we? what book was this even? OH GOD I REMEMBER THIS ONE!!!!!! in case anyone's curious i went to cotillion with my church friend who is unfortunately from this planet. oh wow yall this has me shook. okay hopeless. what was that chicks name again??? okay sky that was it! so sky lives with her adoptive mom has a best friend and if i remember correctly she kind of keeps to herself and hoes around a bit but you know what? we don't judge here. hoe it up sky. so she meets this guy dean holder. and her friend's are like
because usually when your bestie has the hots for a guy everyone thinks is a sociopath you TRY TO TELL THEM TO SHUT THOSE FEELINGS DOWN REAL QUICK. unfortunately dean and sky hit it off and she cant quite figure out how she knows him but she does. okay so um as previously mentioned it is march three months later and i remembering this book and going through the whole emotional experience all over again. and holy shit. was it an experience. so this is the most crazy plot twist i have ever read. and all i do is read. so thats saying something. you can sit there thinking of every possible way this could end and i would bet you a bunch of money you could never guess the ending. it was one of those books where the ending shocked me so much i had to put it down for a day just to process. i mean theres some cutesy romance and some drama but honestly if it werent a literary sin id say skip to the end of the book because the last 50 pages is where the magic happens. this book does have some triggers but because spoilers im gonna go ahead and just say enter at your own risk, if any adult material usually put in trigger warnings bothers you then this book will too. the book itself is well written and the characters arent annoying or shallow or anything which is nice. i think the plot twist is so amazing its hard to think of anything else. well i guess thats all for my blast from the past. if you like books that leave you shook read this.
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lets talk about #firstworldproblems when i should be doing class work

sup ma dudes. its monday and yall know what that means! it means im sitting in class writing this instead of working! this is clearly the better use of my time and i thought i would do a little somethin different. dye my hair purple, speak in a british accent, shake it up a bit. just kidding d. i was thinking...jk no i wasnt. i was doing the opposite of thinking, i was floating in a void of nothingness. because thats what we do in school. alright im kind of just rambling this wont be a book review so if thats what you're here for go do something else love ya bye. okay now that we have weeded out the fake fans lets have a chit chat. so i have a mile long book shelf in my room and i was thinking yesterday about all the new books i wanted to read and i thought...i have no money. then i looked at my dusty ass shelf and thought...lets sell some of these books. then i slit my throat with a butter knife and went all
 Image result for lord of the rings gollum my precious gif
then i came back to planet earth and had a pep talk with myself, there are a few of these that sucked lets be real and quite a few you will never read again, just sell them. and i agreed with my inner voice that a trip to half price books with someone over the age of 18 ( apparently you need to be an adult to sell books..) so i m going to be getting some new books, trouble is i have no clue what to read. so my friends please i beg of you comment and let me know what my next literary obsession should be!!!! also super fun story time ive been waiting for the third part of this series to come out for months and when this woman said beginning of 2017 she didnt mean january....or february....or march. i get writing is difficult but goodness the sequel ended with someone being dragged into the woods AND I NEED CLOSURE! also jennifer l armentrou if you ever read this respond to my freaking email please and thank you. i guess i should probably get back to work thank, yall for sticking with me through these dry days when we have no time for reading because learning is important. have a fabulous day my lovlies!
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